Relying on Expertise for the Best in Fire Control Systems

When it comes to fire safety, there can be no compromises. That being said, having access to the most effective, and most proven fire control systems should be well within anyone’s reach. At Fire Protection Group, we’re dedicated to giving you access to the best, and our team of experts are some of the most experienced and proven group of engineers and technicians out there. With over 100 years of combined experience and dedication, our team are leaders in the field, and are able to provide the best fire control systems that are custom made just for you and your building.

Once you work in fire safety for as many years as us, you grow comfortable and proficient with working in a variety of buildings. We understand that, while some buildings may need more complex systems like stand pipes, some may only require more basic systems. We work hard to provide you with what’s most appropriate for your needs so you never have to purchase systems that aren’t necessary for your safety or to stay up to code. Our fire alarm systems are state of the art, and we provide monitoring 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week, and are always to provide maintenance and service should any issue arise. In addition to installing, monitoring, and helping you design your fire control system, we also provide regular inspection, such as fire pump testing to make sure you’re up to regulation. No matter what your fire protection needs may be, rely on the experts at the Fire Protection Group to help your building become fire safe.