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Fire Sprinkler Systems Los Angeles

The primary method of fire hazard control in all office buildings, schools and residential buildings is prevention. However, since not all circumstances can be predicted, even the most conscientious, safety-minded team or individual can encounter a fire. The first line of defense in these cases is often whichever of the fire sprinkler systems in Los Angeles they've installed. At Fire Protection Group, Inc. we know that all fire sprinkler systems in Los Angeles are unique, and that the level of precaution, and the particular hazards in place in a given location have an effect on which type of fire sprinkler system is right for a given application. Understanding how different types of fire sprinkler systems work, and indeed how they don't, can help you prevent fires in your everyday life.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire Supression Systems

Unlike in Hollywood movies, fire suppression systems do not discharge all at once in a standard sprinkler system unless "deluge" system is designed and installed, then all the heads will be activated like the movies. This is by design. When standard automatic sprinkler systems discharge, the fire hazard itself triggered the spray by raising the temperature near the fire sprinkler heads. Since water pressure is limited, it is advantageous for only the one sprinkler nearest the fire to draw water pressure. The scenario shown in movies, in which an entire building's fire sprinklers discharge due to a single hazard, is not just inefficient, but unlikely as well, given the sheer volume of water required to spray that many rooms at once.

Yet there are many variables including the temperature that discharges the sprinklers, the volume of spray, and whether they should be automatic at all. The commercial and residential fire sprinkler systems in Los Angeles at Fire Protection Group, Inc. include options for all of these variables. Contact us today for an estimate, and we'll soon be hard at work, bringing fire protection services to your home or business.

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Fire Sprinkler Systems Los Angeles



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