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Al Hernandez

Al Hernandez is Chief Consultant at Fire Protection Group, and one of Los Angeles’ most esteemed fire safety experts.

Authority in his field

We’re proud to have a former LAFD Chief as one of our team members. Al Hernandez retired from the LAFD in 2008 after working there for 32 years. He began his career as an inspector for the Fire department, and in his time there, he was eventually promoted to Chief.

Similar to George Saadian, it was Al’s job to work on changes to fire codes, although his function within the Fire department itself was vastly different. In addition to drafting codes, he functioned as an inspector, and later led the LAFD’s Fire Prevention Bureau. This organization focused on fire suppression, investigating the causes and circumstances of fires. They also eliminated hazards and, notably, inspected and maintained fire protection systems. During his time at this bureau, he learned a business friendly approach to fire protection, and this shines through in his work with Fire Protection Group, Inc.

Since he has been with us, he has handled cases for LAFD clients, and the Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety. In his capacity as a fire consultant, Al Hernandez consistently achieves better results than clients expect. Through his extensive knowledge of codes and standards, he is intimately familiar with the necessities of a fire protection system. But as a former LAFD Chief, Al Hernandez ensures smooth relations with the authorities, and saves clients money and hassle.

Al Hernandez turns the authorities in the Los Angeles Fire Department into your allies.