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Fire Pump Testing

In Los Angeles, fire pumps need to be annually inspected and tested in compliance with Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) Regulation #4. Depending on your system, this fire pump testing could require more or less frequency. Fire Protection Group, Inc., located in the heart of Los Angeles, is well-versed on all local and statewide codes, regulations, and safety standards. We can get your fire pump testing done quickly and affordably. Many on our staff are legally authorized to perform these tests, so we can send someone fast who has years of experience. Furthermore, we have an in-house facility for fire pump testing, which means no outsourcing and more prompt, less costly results.

Better yet, if you buy one of Fire Protection Group, Inc.'s fire pumps for sale, we'll perform these tests for free. There are some restrictions, however, so speak with somebody at Fire Protection Group, Inc. to get the full details. Hospitals, industrial complexes, residential buildings, malls, restaurants, and many other places rely on our services; perhaps it is time you do too!

Come to Fire Protection Group, Inc. for any type of fire protection engineering or equipment you may need. From staffing a fire watch with a fire truck to selling extinguishers and portable fire pumps to fire protection consulting over a monumental fire sprinkler system, the team here can do it all. A friendly staff person here at Fire Protection Group, Inc. is available to answer your questions, to provide you with a free quote for our services, and to show you examples of our past successes. Call now at (888) 251-3488 or use our online contact form.

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