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Fire Watch

If a place has to shut off its usual fire protection systems, a crew will be hired for a fire watch. These services safeguard lives and property while the sprinkler system is inactive. Fortunately, Fire Protection Group, Inc. can provide a capable and cost-effective fire watch team for your location or event.

Let's say a building has to turn off its fire sprinkler systems in Los Angeles. Perhaps the system is being repaired or it has to be turned off for an expansion or renovation. Well, any inhabitants or employees still need to be safe from the threat of fire. It's not only legally necessary; it's the right thing to do. In this situation, George Saadian and his team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. would put employees on fire watch. This team would stand post 24 hours a day with a fire truck on hand to combat any potential fire mishap.

Organizers of movie shoots frequently utilize a fire watch in California. Filming uses lights that can set off sprinklers with the heat they emit, so often the sprinkler system will be deactivated. The integrity of the shoot and the many people involved depend on Fire Protection Group, Inc. for safety. Public assemblies work in a similar way. If a space has more people than it is capable of protecting (such as a street fair), then a fire watch team can be called upon to make sure the event goes smoothly.

So, turn to Fire Protection Group, Inc. when you need manned fire protection services. They can be reached at 888-732-4200 or by their website's contact us page.

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