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Fire Protection Inspector Los Angeles


Chief Al Hernandez

Chief Al Hernandez, Los Angeles Fire Department chief- retired. Prior to joining Fire Protection Group, Inc. Chief Hernandez was employed by the Los Angeles Fire Department for over 32 years. He started with the LAFD as an inspector and was promoted to Fire Chief. He retired in 2008.
While Chief was employed by the LAFD, he wrote several codes and was in charge of the Fire Prevention Bureau. Since joining Fire Protection Group, Inc., Chief Hernandez has handled numerous cases for clients at the Los Angeles Fire Department and Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety and obtained better than expected results due to his extensive knowledge of codes and relationships with city officials.



George Saadian

George Saadian, general manager and lead engineer at Fire Protection Group, Inc. since 1984. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and in Fire Protection Engineering from the University of California at Los Angeles. In addition, he completed the training programs in fire sprinkler design and fire sprinkler pipe fitting both under the auspices of the American Fire Sprinkler Association. George joined Fire Protection Group, Inc. in 1985, and has over 29 years of experience in the field of fire protection.
NFPA standards have adopted several code revisions and new code additions that were drafted by and submitted by George. In addition, George has published several articles relating to the field of fire protection systems.
George was chairman of the American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) Southern California Chapter. He is also listed in the 1992 edition of “Who is Who of Leading American Executives.”
Since 1994, he is an appointed member to Los Angeles City Fire Sprinkler Technical Committee. The committee consists of a panel of 6 Engineers, Contractors and Consultants, assisting the city of Los Angeles in publishing, and interpreting codes related to the Fire Sprinkler System in Los Angeles Plumbing code.
He regularly holds training classes and seminars in fire sprinkler pipefitting, design and engineering.


David Myers

David "Dave" Myers was the pillar of Los Angeles Fire Department’s (“LAFD”) Construction Services for 28 years . Prior to his retirement from LAFD, he worked in various capacities as a plan reviewer, technical expert, and manager. His last position with LAFD was the Fire Protection Engineer in charge of Fire Life Safety Plan Check and Permitting, until he retired.



William Samoska

William Samoska, ESQ. is our in-house attorney. He specializes in construction and fire sprinkler law and has represented clients at city attorney hearings and boards of various building departments and fire departments.


Louise Tchaman

Louise Tchaman, estimator, office manager, and purchasing manager. She has been with FPG Inc. since 1985. She has 25 years of experience in managing company projects and purchases material for upcoming projects and inventory.


Tim Alvarado

Tim Alvarado joined FPG Inc in 1986. Tim is a fire sprinkler designer with extensive experience in AutoCAD and hydraulic calculations and engineering of fire sprinkler systems. Upon joining Fire Protection Group, Inc., he was a fire sprinkler pipe fitter and worked his way up to foreman, then to superintendent, design engineer and project manager. He also completed his education in fire sprinkler pipe fitters training and fire sprinkler engineering and design. Tim is well respected by plan checkers and inspectors across southern California. Fire Department officials regularly consult with Tim on fire sprinkler and NFPA standards due to his vast knowledge of codes.


Brian Auchter

Brian Auchter has been with FPG since 1988. Upon joining Fire Protection Group, Inc., he started as a fire sprinkler pipe fitter and worked his way up to foreman, superintendent and project manager. He completed his education in fire sprinkler pipe fitters training. Brian, is a certified welder, and also certified by the LAFD as a Regulation #4 tester and by all fire departments within the state of California to perform testing for all water delivery fire protection systems, fire alarm and fire escape systems.