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George Saadian

George Saadian is the general manager, lead engineer at Fire Protection Group, Inc.


George has been working in the field of fire protection for three decades, and has a passion for all areas of fire suppression and safety. He attended the UCLA where he studied Fire Protection Engineering, and also attended the University of Phoenix, Los Angeles campus where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in business administration. George Saadian also attended training programs from the American Fire Sprinkler Association, in order to master sprinkler design and plumbing. In 1985, he selected Fire Protection Group, Inc. as his professional home, and has been instrumental in our success ever since.

Authority in his field

George Saadian is a published writer on the subject of fire protection, including authoritative news articles. What’s more, he has found necessary revisions and additions that needed to be made in the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standard. The NFPA is receptive to George’s revisions and additions, and code he has drafted remain in place, meaning George Saadian brings facilities up to standards that he himself has established.
George also chaired the AFSA (American Fire Sprinkler Association) Southern California Chapter for two terms.

Present and Future

George Saadian has been a member of the Los Angeles Fire Sprinkler Technical Committee since 1994. He sits on a panel of 6, including leading Los Angeles engineers, contractors and fire consultants whose function is to publish and interpret fire sprinkler-related codes.

George is the only engineer in California with the license and certification necessary to perform Regulation #4 Testing on all water delivery and fire safety systems.

With experts like George, and former LAFD Assistant Chief, Al Hernandez, FPG, Inc. benefits from the most advanced expertise in the business.