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While the business of fire safety consultants may seem obvious, it is slightly more subtle than it may seem. You might expect a fire safety consultant to be a fire protection specialist who inspects a premises and checks for violations in advance of an inspection, or a person who notifies you of relevant changes to the fire codes. These are definitely part of having a trustworthy team of fire safety consultants working with you. However, your fire protection systems might be up to date thanks to the hard work of our team of experts, and it may still be wise to retain Fire Protection Group, Inc. for fire protection consulting in case the completion of your fire systems is called into question.

When an inspection rolls around, it is the time (other than an actual fire) when your dedication to fire safety gets tested. The inspector may, however, interpret the law incorrectly, or misidentify a problem, and you the property owner or manager may be helpless to articulate the degree to which your fire system is under control. These circumstances are, unfortunately, rather common, and the consequences can be lost time and revenue, or a period in which a residence must be vacated.

Keeping the experts at Fire Protection Group, Inc. on as fire safety consultants means you’ll have someone in your corner when a well-meaning inspector instructs you to perform costly and difficult repairs that are not necessary. Our founder and chief engineer, George Saadian, is one of the foremost authorities in the state of California on the fire code, having spent decades in this business, forming professional relationships with many of the fire departments and insurance companies you may be dealing with. In the most friendly, agreeable way, Mr. Saadian can help set the record straight, potentially saving you thousands of dollars, while bringing greater fire protection.

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