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Stand Pipes

Our office high-rises are among the many technologies we have developed to keep out the elements. After all, office blocks are full of documents and computer equipment, which shouldn't get wet. Unfortunately, documents and computer equipment are also flammable, and we've placed them in an environment where they're isolated from water in most ways. Consequently there is a rare, but unfortunate confluence of events that can result in a chamber full of flammable materials, suspended high up, and isolated from the ability to extinguish the flames. Among the many fire systems offered by Fire Protection Group, Inc., a water standpipe is probably the most ignored, and also the most useful.

What is a standpipe?

Stand pipes are most evident in everyday life in the form of nondescript knobs and valves on the exteriors or inside the stairway shafts of buildings. These exist to get water for fighting fires upstairs quickly and efficiently. Without stand pipes, firefighters can aim jets of water toward an open window, or run a fire hose laboriously up several flights of stairs, wasting time and water pressure. Alternatively, using a stand pipe, combined with a fire pump, high-pressured water can by pumped into a building of any height. Water travels through rigid pipes and emerges on whatever floor the fire is on, ready to be aimed at a fire. The effect is like having a fire hydrant on one of the upper floors of the building.

When fire fighters can blast a fire directly with jets of water, the result is dramatic. Fire Protection Group, Inc.'s Class I or combined stand pipes are those used by firefighters. Fire Protection Group, Inc. also installs Class II wet stand pipes, which can be used for fire protection by any building occupant.

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