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Fire Escape Ladder

In most cities across The United States, buildings without sufficient interior stairs are equipped with a fire escape ladder. A dedicated stairwell, kept clear of all obstructions, is often accessible in California buildings, since our cities expanded outward, rather than upward, meaning more horizontal room. The installation of a fire escape ladder, however, can sometimes be ordered by an inspector whose authority comes from an insurance company or fire department. In these cases, the expertise at Fire Protection Group, Inc. is the right place to turn.

While some upstart companies have jumped into the fire protection business recently, Fire Protection Group, Inc. has some of the most experienced professionals available anywhere. There is no comparison to the time-tested experience of George Saadian, our founder and head of engineering at Fire Protection Group, Inc. His experience comes from decades of work in the private and public sectors, tirelessly working to develop fire codes that kept up with modern advancements, and working to protect residents and businesses around California from fires be being the premier escape ladder contractor in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

When your fire escape ladder is found to be inadequate, or out of date, Fire Protection Group, Inc. is the premier source of fire escape contract labor in Southern California, whether in Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, or Los Angeles County. Call today to schedule a consultation and get an estimate. The work performed by Fire Protection Group, Inc. could very well save your life.

Contact us by email or call (888)732-4200 for more information about Fire Protection or to request an estimate.

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