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Standby Generators

Facilities with fire pumps are generally the larger warehouses and office towers where fire protection is most crucial. These densely occupied spaces are often full of fire hazards, meaning the spread of fire is a concern, and water must be accessible at the right pressure on every floor. While a properly installed fire pump is the precise safety measure that all such buildings must have in place, the secondary back up generator is also crucial, without exception. Loss of power is more likely in the event of a fire, meaning power from the local power grid can't be considered reliable in an emergency. Standby generators absolutely must be in place in case of a loss of power during a fire.

There are a number of ways of generating power sufficient to drive a fire pump in an emergency. Standby generators as a component of your fire system are among the numerous challenges involved in keeping you safe. Reliable electrical generators can make all the difference in an emergency.

At Fire Protection Group, Inc. our fire protection standby generators are the most reliable in Southern California. Our founder, George Saadian, has been in the fire protection industry since 1981. Combined, our staff has a century of fire protection experience. These are the kinds of people you're placing your trust in when you hire a fire protection contractor. Your standby generators are far too important to trust them to just anyone.

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