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Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Wherever you're reading this, do you know where to find a fire extinguisher right now? For too many offices, schools and residences, the answer is no. Fire extinguishers on each floor of a house, or indeed in each room, offer improved safety. But of equal concern is the question of whether you can actually access it, and if you do, whether you can discharge it for its intended purpose. Fire extinguisher inspection from Fire Protection Group, Inc. is only one of the methods we employ to make sure fire extinguishers can be used when necessary.

Inspecting all fire extinguisher types involves what you may assume: checking the extinguisher itself. A contractor who can perform a fire extinguisher inspection will know the correct "heft" or weight of a usable fire extinguisher. We will also need to check for damage, leaks or corrosion. The nozzle should allow for free flow. The pressure gauge should be positioned correctly. This is all in service of making sure the extinguisher is "charged."

However, most fire extinguisher problems don't involve a problem with the mechanics of the appliance itself. The fire extinguisher must have tags and labels facing the right way, and be positioned appropriately. More importantly it should be not just in a designated place, but in most cases it should be in a readily obvious, conspicuous place.  Finding fire extinguishers for sale won’t help when you can’t find them for use.

At Fire Protection Group, Inc., your fire readiness is our primary concern. “Knowing how to prevent a fire is crucial, but regular fire extinguisher inspection is a way to make sure that you'll be safe even if a fire does happen,” says George Saadian the Chief fire protection engineer at Fire Protection Group, Inc.

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