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At Fire Protection Group, Inc. we’re renowned for our intimate knowledge of the relevant codes and practices in the nationally recognized standards guide known as NFPA 25. “NFPA 25 testing” is a term that crosses all industries that refers to contracting testing of your fire protection systems to a qualified fire protection contractor. To ensure both safety and efficiency, you should only trust an experienced organization such as Fire Protection Group, Inc. Our founder, George Saadian is so steeped in fire codes, he actually wrote some revisions to NFPA Standards and Los Angeles Plumbing Code himself.

NFPA 25, however, is not a code, but a set of national standards for testing, inspecting and maintaining fire protection systems and State of California has adopted the NFPA 25 with revisions. The standards outlined in an NFPA document will generally keep one in compliance in any American municipality. If followed, it’s designed to make sure all code compliant fire protection systems operate as they should. NFPA 25 outlines standards for a large number of fire protection system elements including sprinklers, standpipes, fire alarm, fire hose and other fire protection systems .

Methods of correcting a faulty or inadequate fire protection system are included, but methods by which a non-standard fire protection system can be brought up to date are not. Relevant standards for the installation of fire protection systems come from other NFPA Standards. Documents like the NFPA 13 Standard for installing fire sprinklers and NFPA 14 for the installation of fire hoses and standpipes are equally vital to our business at Fire Protection Group, Inc.

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