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The experts at FPG, your All-American Fire Protection Group, Inc. provide an extensive array of services aimed at protecting the people of Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County. Our expertise in fire sprinklers, pumps, stand pipes and other parts of fire protection systems protects countless people every day from fire dangers. We are also proud to protect the property owners of Southern California needless fines. With our fire protection consulting services, we confidently serve your needs with a striking success rate that speaks for itself.

Negotiating with various fire departments, building departments and insurance companies who all have individual expectations can be demanding. Lack of expertise in the areas in question can lead to unnecessary misunderstandings and inaccurate reports that can hurt your business and slow down economic progress. Our experts in the field like retired Los Angeles Fire Chief Al Hernandez, and expert general manager George Saadian who wrote much of the fire code in California himself, offer fire protection consulting of a caliber that simply cannot be matched. With experience like none other, these are the top experts available.

FPG does not charge to review a case for a client. It’s important to understand that if we’ll take on your case, it’s because you’re likely to be successful with our help. We don’t want to benefit if you don’t benefit. That’s why our success rate over the past ten years has been an astonishing 92%. If you’re in need of fire protection consulting, call today for details.

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