Individual fire prevention systems are undoubtedly useful, but when they are installed in conjunction with each other, the effectiveness of their ability to fight fires can be amplified to a great extent. The team at Fire Protection Group Inc., led by George Saadian, knows about this combination effect, and is more than happy to make sure his clients receive the best possible fire prevention system solutions.

One component of these fire system combinations is standpipes and its related components. Standpipes are important because they give firefighters access to direct waterlines for their hoses if they’d need to fight a fire that broke out on one of the upper levels of a tall building. By giving a direct water source inside of a building, standpipes allow firefighters to avoid the less ideal methods of either aiming a water stream in through a window, or dragging their hoses up several flights of stairs.

In conjunction with standpipes, fire sprinkler systems can also be extremely effective. This is because fire sprinkler systems can immediately spray water onto a fire as soon as it has broken out. This is important because it can give firefighters extra time to arrive at the site of a fire.

And, to make sure these combinations are up-to-date and ready to activate properly should a fire arise, the team at Fire Protection Group Inc. can also perform NFPA25 testing which is important for making sure that there are no possible malfunctions that may occur during an emergency situation. This is extremely important because if there is a glitch in, for example, a fire alarm system, fire professionals should know about it so they can fix it and have it in working condition while there is no immediate emergency situation.