The team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. boasts over 200 years of combined experience. This is an extraordinary achievement in almost any industry, and especially in fire protection and prevention where experience with real fire emergencies and system analysis is so critical. Much of those 200 years of experience also comes directly from working with and inside of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Led by George Saadian, Captain Bob Holloway, and Al Hernandez, the team at the Fire Protection Group, Inc. has experience with all types of fire prevention methods, including fire alarm systems and all of the steps necessary to install and maintain these systems. For those who don’t know, fire alarm systems are an essential component of almost anybody’s fire prevention strategy because they warn a building or home’s inhabitants of a fire, and can be rigged to alert the local fire department as well. Obviously this helps to save everybody time, and often prevents building damage and even injury.

Along with fire alarm systems, the Fire Protection Group Inc. can also help with stand pipes and all of the services required for their installation. Stand pipes, like fire sprinkler systems, can be hugely helpful in delivering water to the source of a fire. Stand pipes are particularly critical for tall buildings however, because they allow fire fighters to plug their hoses directly into a pressurized water source that isn’t on ground level.

And, for those who want to make sure their fire prevention systems are in working order, the Fire Protection Group, Inc. also offers fire sprinkler inspection that is ideal for catching errors in the system before a real fire emergency breaks out.