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Water Standpipe

Whether you're constructing a brand new building or if you need to retrofit an old one, Fire Protection Group, Inc. can install affordable, reliable stand pipes. These standpipes will not only get your building up to codes, they'll also protect your residents and employees from a fire-related disaster. Now, what is a standpipe? In many ways, a standpipe is like a fire hydrant that scales up a tall building. In the case of a fire, a person can attach a hose to a standpipe and get pressurized water from it in order to combat a fire.

Fire Protection Group, Inc. can set up either type of standpipe, wet or dry. A dry standpipe is not used until a fire, in which case fire fighters will use them to combat fires. The employees of Fire Protection Group, Inc. have over 200 years of collective experience between them in the field of fire safety and, as such, can easily structure your building to have a dry standpipe in place.

We can also install a wet or water standpipe. A dry standpipe can only be used by firefighters, whereas a water standpipe generally comes with a hose so that anybody can use it. Depending on the particulars of your site, a water standpipe may be more appropriate for you. The consultants at Fire Protection Group, Inc. can work with you and local and state regulations in order to get the best system for your layout.

We offer a free estimate for your job, just simply give us some details and we will give you an incredibly competitive quote. You can reach Fire Protection Group, Inc. online or by calling (888)251-3488.

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