Unmatched Fire Safety in Both Experience and Expertise

One of the reasons why Fire Protection Group Inc. is able to offer true, full-service fire safety services is that we have a diverse staff of fire protection experts from all different disciplines. To stop a fire from spreading, you have to anticipate how different parts of a building are at risk of catching fire and reacting to the fire. Yet, to properly place fire sprinkler systems you also have to know how a fire spreads and have valuable experience stopping its advance.

Our head engineer, George Saadian, has quite literally written the book on fire safety. Mr. Saadian has made contributions to the current National Fire Protection Association fire code, and passes this knowledge and expertise down to every employee from those who construct the systems, to the people carrying out a fire sprinkler inspection.

In addition, Fire Protection Group Inc. is also home to former Los Angeles Fire Department veterans Al Hernandez and Bob Holloway. Mr. Hernandez has served in various high level positions including the leader of the LAFD’s Fire Prevention Bureau in addition to being the City’s Assistant Fire Marshall. Captain Holloway served various positions, most recently as the head of the fire department’s construction services before retiring in 2012.

So, whether your building needs stand pipes, or fire sprinklers and fire alarm systems, you will find that our team is more than qualified to deliver everything you need and more. You can count on our experienced team to never stop working to ensure your building is secure until the job is done, and done right.