Whether you’re a residential building manager, land developer, or office building owner, you understand how important it is to adhere to fire safety codes to protect your investment and your employees. Fire Protection Group, Inc. knows that you work hard to ensure your building is up to the best possible standards, and our company has the experience you need to rest easy when it comes to fire safety. 

Fire Protection Group offers a variety of fire alarm systems, safety features, and even alarm system testing. Our company was founded by George Saadian, who has not only worked in the field of fire protection for three decades, but also coauthored a book on fire protection. Mr. Saadian even coauthored revisions to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standards, which remain in place. Together with former Los Angeles Fire Department Chief Al Hernandez, and retired LAFD Captain Bob Holloway, you know that our priority is protecting your business from fires.

One of the most important yet most overlooked parts of a fire protection system is the stand pipes. These nondescript knobs and valves cover the exterior of many corporate office buildings, as well as the interior stairwells. The system allows firefighters to pump water much more efficiently to the tops of buildings to put out blazes without wasting time and water. Do not overlook this system when considering fire sprinklers and fire protection investments.

Our highly-trained staff have years of experience not only installing systems to our rigorous standards, but providing fire sprinkler inspection. We can investigate your old system to ensure it works, and provide you with information on updates based on Los Angeles law as well as our own high standards for fire safety. Let George Saadian and his team help you find the best fire protection system for your business.