When it comes to battling a sudden blaze, the first few minutes are extremely critical. Ask almost any fire fighter or fire prevention specialist, and he or she will tell you that, if you can deal with a fire before it gets out of hand, that will put you in a great position to eliminate the chance of serious injuries or property damage. Led by general manager and chief engineer George Saadian, the team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. knows this fact better than most, and that’s why they’ve geared their business toward providing fire prevention and protection solutions that prevent fires and reduce damage.

Among the systems that Fire Protection Group, Inc. offers are fire alarm systems as well as the services required to install and maintain such systems. Fire alarm systems are extremely important in those first few moments after a fire has broken out because they can alert a building’s inhabitants to the presence of the fire, as well as the local fire station. Needless to say, a fire alarm system can help to prevent fires from spreading, and causing structural damage or injury.

Stand pipes are also available from Fire Protection Group, and are a crucial component of fighting fires in tall office buildings. For those who aren’t familiar with this system, stand pipes work by delivering a source of pressurized water for fire fighters’ hoses on the upper levels of a multi-story building. This is important because it allows fire fighters to bypass spraying water on the fire from the street, or lugging heavy hoses up multiple flights of stairs. Fire sprinkler inspection is also available in conjunction with all of the other services provided by Fire Protection Group, Inc., and is of critical importance because the process catches errors in a given system before the system is activated in an actual emergency.