The Full Suite of Fire Control Services Offered by FPG

Fire control systems are a necessary expense for any building as structures must adhere to the necessary codes and guidelines set by safety officials. These standards are different depending on the building being inspected, and one may find themselves enlisting several different contractors, who provide different services, in order to get up to code. Meanwhile, with Fire Protection Group, you’ll find every service you need because our team of experts gives us the ability to handle virtually all of your fire control needs in house.

Our services begin with free inspection from experienced technicians who will determine if your building is up to code, and let you know exactly what you need to update or replace if it isn’t. Our experts are the leaders in the field, and include former Los Angeles Fire Department chief Al Hernandez who helped write the very codes and standards that we help you meet. Enlisting our assistance is a great way to never have to worry about passing NFPA25 testing again.

After inspection, our award winning team of engineers can help you fully design and implement every aspect of your fire control system, from fire sprinkler systems to Standpipes. Our engineers are among the best in the business, and will give you the right system for your specific building at the right price. After that, we handle the installation ourselves to ensure everything runs exactly the way it should.

Our expertise in fire control ranges from every type of building, from large high rises to small homes, so you can be sure that whatever the scale of your need may be, Fire Protection Group has you covered. Once your systems are up and running, we stay in you corner with regular testing and maintenance that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For your fire control needs, stick with the highly trained professionals who can do it all.