Learn More about Reg 4 with Fire Protection Group, Inc.

There are many fire safety regulations that apply to buildings in Southern California. This includes the National Fire Protection Associations standards—especially NFPA 25, which concerns itself with the inspection, testing, and maintenance of water-based fire protection systems—and statewide codes as put forth by Title 19 of the California Office of the State Fire Marshall. One code that is unique to Los Angeles is the Los Angeles Fire Department's Chief's Regulation #4, known as Reg 4 for short. Fire Protection Group, Inc. offers comprehensive testing of fire safety, sprinklers, and fire alarm systems that will get your building in line with all Reg 4 standards.

For those who own or manage a building in Los Angeles, it might be confusing to know what steps there are to take to stay compliant with Reg 4. First, is to know which systems are active in your building, including fire sprinklers, fire pumps, fire doors, fire escapes, standpipes, escape assemblies, etc. Then, you figure out when they were last tested and compare that date with the frequency required as seen on the LAFD website (it's one year for many alarm systems, 5 years for many standpipe systems, with some discrepancies). Finally, when it's time for testing, contact a certified tester like Fire Protection Group, Inc. to come perform the Reg 4 test.

However, if LAFD Reg 4 codes get too confusing, Fire Protection Group, Inc. is here to help. We can easily help break down the steps you need to take to comply if you want to know or we can simply do our job and provide efficient, cost-effective testing of your fire safety systems. Furthermore, Fire Protection Group, Inc. can provide all repairs and parts like fire pumps for sale to expedite the process when necessary.