Knowing Regulators can be Invaluable for Code Compliance

While knowing the minutiae of a government regulation is valuable, codes ultimately are enforced by people. That’s why having a fire protection consultant familiar with government regulators’ desires, tendencies and even personalities can be invaluable toward complying with the law. The experienced professionals at Fire Protection Group, Inc. have spent countless hours working directly with local and state regulators on behalf of those we serve whether for simple fire sprinklers inspections or complex building design.

Fire alarm systems and fire protection preparations fall under local and industry-recommended regulations, namely Chief’s Regulation No. 4 by the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) and NFPA 25 by the National Fire Protection Association. Fire Protection Group, Inc. is very proud of testimonials from customers regarding our experience and ability to work with regulators to help property owners and managers reach full compliance.

A building code consultant, who is a retired principal Inspector with the City of Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety, noted “Fire Protection Group, Inc. is respected by the city of Los Angeles Building inspection staff.” Said an architect with a Los Angeles development company: “They have very good working relationships with Building Departments and Fire Departments.”

The respect of the staff at Fire Protection Group, Inc. extends to its design and building services. We provide design consultation services, as well as fire pumps for sale, for buildings in planning stages so they are fire safe from the start. “They provide excellent design-build services in a timely and efficient manner,” said a senior project manager with a Los Angeles building company.