Fire Watch for Uninterrupted Protection

Fire Protection Group Inc. is here to help owners and managers of business and residential property craft the best possible fire safety measures, including the best in fire alarms and fire sprinklers. A fire watch is instituted when systems need to be taken offline while repairs or changes are made, and it involves the use of personnel standing by on a round-the-clock basis in case a fire should break out during that time.

A fire watch is just one of the many important services being offered by Fire Protection Group Inc. to ensure that lives and property are protected against the threat of a fire. There are, of course, a great many reasons why fire safety is a major obligation that must be dealt with, but we are also aware that everyone needs to also keep a close eye on their bottom line. That’s why we work hard to craft solutions that provide full compliance with all codes and regulations, as well as maximum safety, but also with an eye on cost efficiency.

The ability to deal with the multiple priorities today’s businesses face comes largely from the high level of experience of our team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. Our lead engineer and general manager, George Saadian, is a noted author and expert in the field. He is backed up by two of the most respected people to come out of the Los Angeles Fire Department: retired chief Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway.

If you’re looking for extraordinary insight, effectiveness, and value in the field of fire protection, contact us today.