Fire Protection Group, Inc. Designs Invaluable Fire Alarm Systems

At Fire Protection Group, Inc., you'll find the optimal team for installation and inspection of fire alarm systems and various other fire safety measures. That's because our expert team hails from positions as some of the best trained and highly recognized fire safety experts in Southern California – or anywhere else, for that matter. With over 200 years of combined experience providing their services on projects ranging from sprawling university campuses to office and residential buildings and even single family homes and skyscrapers, at Fire Protection Group, Inc., you're destined to find the ideal fire defense team.

Whether you're looking for installation of fire sprinklers, fire alarms or any other fire defense system, you can expect the top-rated team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. to provide training, experience and skill that delivers on or ahead of schedule. The field crews at FGP, Inc. are provided with the most modern tools and equipment so that they can perform their tasks safely, accurately and expeditiously – every time.

When standard automatic sprinkler systems discharge, the fire hazard itself often triggers the spray by raising the temperature near the fire sprinkler heads. There are many other variables that can discharge sprinklers, and at FPG, Inc., you'll find options for every variable.

The difference with fire defense services from FPG, Inc. often comes down to truly impeccable design. Our effective design extends to fire pumps, extinguishers and even emergency generators. We invite you to explore our every design option and service – and learn firsthand how invaluable our services can be.