Fire Alarm Systems from FPG, Inc. are Designed with Top Quality

For fire sprinkler inspection, there is no better option than Fire Protection Group, Inc. With over 200 years of combined experience, our team has garnered acclaim throughout Southern California for projects that range from sprawling university campuses to office and residential buildings, single family homes, skyscrapers and massive shopping centers.

Perhaps most importantly, our award-winning design team is able to serve the needs of Californians with an impressive array of products and services, including fire alarm systems, pumps, emergency generators and even fire watch and safety consultants.

In school, we all remember the days when fire alarm systems were tested, yet all too often, businesses and residential structures will fail to properly test their fire alarms. Fortunately, at FPG, Inc. our team is entirely effective at testing fire sprinklers, alarms and any number of other preventative necessities.

We understand that two of the most complex parts of most fire alarm systems are the control panel and system that interfaces the fire alarm panel with the initiating devices. The control panel is like a fire protection system's "brain" – it forms the central computing element of the entire system, including monitoring, initiating and recording, 24 hours a day.

Our experts are experienced and very familiar with each aspect of fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems, and they are eager to offer their assistance whenever necessary. Our field crews are provided with the most modern tools and equipment, ensuring they are able to perform their tasks safely, accurately and effectively, in effect protecting the property of each of our clients.