Call Fire Protection Group, Inc. for Custom-Made Fire Pumps

If you're looking for fire pumps for sale, including custom-designed pieces, look no further than Fire Protection Group, Inc. The team here employs experts in the field who have designed, fabricated, and installed fire pumps and related safety systems for a broad range of industrial, commercial, and residential clients. Our FPG, Inc. engineers keep one of the widest selections of materials ready in our fabrication facility, which allows us to serve our customers much faster because we don't have to waste time tracking down vital parts.

You can see some of Fire Protection Group, Inc.'s fire safety systems—including sprinklers, fire alarm systems, fire pumps, escape assemblies, and much more—all around Los Angeles. Some of our most notable clients/projects include Two Rodeo Shopping Mall in Beverly Hills, the Westfield Mall in Century City, University of California Riverside, McDonald's restaurants, St Luke Family Medical Clinic, NASA/Edwards Air Force Base, and many other locations throughout the city. Many of these locations required custom-made fire pump assemblies, which we are able to design, construct, and test in our in-house fabrication facility.

Fire Protection Group, Inc. is dedicated to providing unparalleled quality in service in our fire sprinklers, pumps, alarm systems, and fire safety systems. Our team collectively has over 200 years of experience in the field of fire safety. This is an incredible benefit for FPG, Inc. customers, as they get high-qualify and effective service from an efficient, proficient team. Fire Protection Group, Inc. offers a free quote on any of our services so give us a call today!