George Saadian is a Fire Protection Leader

When it comes to developing, installing, and maintaining fire protection systems, experience matters. Knowing how, when and why fires break out, as well as which systems protect different structures most effectively are all critical elements of fire prevention. And if you’re not familiar with all of the specifics in these respective areas, there are fire protection consulting officials who are. We’re talking about Fire protection consulting professionals like those at Fire Protection Group, Inc., one of the leading fire protection and prevention systems installers in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Led by George Saadian and two former high-ranking Los Angeles Fire Department officials, Fire Protection Group, Inc. offers a team that has experience with fire prevention and protection that is essentially unparalleled throughout the area. George Saadian has dedicated his career, which has spanned decades, to figuring out the best ways to protect people against fires, and he’s made it his mission to install the best, most effective equipment in as many Los Angeles area structures as possible.

Along with George Saadian, the leadership team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. also includes professionals like Captain Bob Holloway who have extensive first-hand experience with fighting fires. Captain Bob Holloway’s experience with the Los Angeles Fire Department means that know about all of the very many peripheral aspects of fire protection, including NFPA25 testing. This means that if you want to make sure your structures are safe, up to code, and ready to pass any and all government inspections, Fire Protection Group, Inc. should be your first call for fire prevention systems installation and maintenance.