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Fire Protection Consultants

Residential and business owners and managers looking to install fire protection systems can feel overwhelmed. Localities and state laws mean that and new construction has to be up to frequently changing fire codes. Zoning and building groups also have to be dealt with, to make sure that your structure is up to par. Plus, even insurance companies have an investment in your structure. This can all get overwhelming without the help of fire safety consultants like the team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. They have the experience (over 200 years combined) and expertise (their general manager is George Saadian, who was the past chair of the American Fire Sprinkler Association for two terms) to provide top-rate fire protection consulting for whatever your specific needs may be.

Fire protection consultants will help you flesh out the specifics of your job. Alarm systems, sprinklers, and fire escape ladders are all things that have to be customized for your unique building structure. Single family houses, for example, will have different requirements than a hospital or industrial building. Fire protection consultants will help you get your system in place. Better yet, Fire Protection Group, Inc. can stay with you as fire protection consultants for maintenance and inspection for as long as you'd like.

Fire Protection Group, Inc. offers a free estimate for your job, so don't hesitate to ask. Mr. Saadian, a knowledgeable fire protection specialist, has written fire code himself. He's dealt with many city attorneys and boards throughout his decades of service.

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