You can Trust the Fire and Life Safety Team at FPG, Inc.

In Southern California, fire danger is a more severe issue than nearly anywhere else in the U.S. – particularly in the highly populated Los Angeles County. That’s why it’s hard to overstate the fact that fire and life safety is a never-ending proposition, and at Fire Protection Group, Inc., we’re fully committed to providing long-term involvement in these very matters. Through everything from fire watch and inspection, to engineering and even essential NFPA25 testing, we’re able to provide our clients with the resources they need for round-the-clock fire defense.

Our clients have come from a variety of backgrounds over the years. In fact, since our company’s inception, we’ve completed more than 30 million square feet of projects that range from sprawling university campuses to office and residential buildings, single family homes and skyscrapers. For property managers and owners of each of these structures, we’re able to offer maintenance, parts, repairs, inspections and alterations of fire sprinkler systems and other necessary products.

At FPG, Inc., we’re able to succeed largely based on our adherence to the principles of “turn-key operations”. When we take on a project, we assume total control – from concept to completion. Another important factor is our engineering and design department, which is staffed with truly top-notch designers. They’re able to design and engineer standpipes, extinguishers and many other measures that are essential for fire defense as well as compliance with various state and municipal regulations. At FPG, Inc., we understand that fire safety needs to be a core priority of any property owner, and our team can make it a reality.