World Class Fire Control Systems from In-House Facilities

Fire control systems are one of the most critical components in any building. These systems can take the form of many different items, and can vary widely depending on the size and nature of the building. In a small home, having smoke alarms in each room is probably sufficient, whereas a towering high rise will require stand pipes in order to get water to sprinkler systems in case of an emergency. Having the right system is important because, though a fire control system won’t stop a fire from breaking out, it can keep a fire contained, and prevent extensive damage or loss. Here at the Fire Protection Group, our highly experienced team has the knowledge, expertise, and hands-on experience to assure that your building is properly protected with a fire control system designed specifically to meet your needs.

At Fire Protection Group, we go above and beyond the competition by utilizing our own, on site turnkey facility. After our initial inspection of your building, our team is able to produce and assemble much of the system ourselves which saves you time and money. We can work with a large variety of order to meet almost every need from fire alarm systems to sprinklers and stand pipes. Our technicians and engineers are proficient with working in virtually any structure from commercial high rises to homes and small offices, and even medical centers. We provide monitoring and regular inspection and testing like fire pump testing to ensure all of your equipment remains and working order and will do their job if the unexpected happens.