Working Alarms Save Lives!

When many people think of firm alarms, they think of school fire drills during their youth. For most people, their school never experienced a fire, so these drills seemed like much more of a nuisance than a necessary routine. Yet, every year properly working fire alarm systems save countless lives when a fire does happen to break out. Having these systems installed is an incredibly important responsibility for any building owner. Yet, what is equally important is having these systems regularly tested to make sure that they are functioning properly. The team at Fire Protection Group has over 200 years of experience testing fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems. There is no better company to rely on what it comes to the safety of your building residents or worker.

Fire Protection Group is particularly adept at conducting fire sprinkler inspection, because they also design and install fire sprinkler systems themselves. Their staff includes talented engineers who know the ins and outs of fire sprinkler systems, and ex-firefighters who know exactly how a fire moves and spreads. This multi-disciplinary approach to fire safety allows them to design systems and examine existing ones in a thorough manner that no other company can come close to. Enlisting the help of a company that truly knows what it is doing in every step of the design or inspection process in vital in order to be sure that, if a fire does break out in your building, it can be properly contained before the fire department arrives. While no system is a substitute for a skilled fire response team, it can buy them valuable time that will in turn save countless dollars and lives.