Why LAFD Reg 4 Fire Sprinkler Testing?

Unfortunately, some businesses may look at the regular fire sprinkler inspection as mandated by the Los Angeles Fire Department as a burden. It is sometimes looked at as an additional cost for some property owners or simply a slight hassle. We here at Fire Protection Group, Inc. don't want to belittle those issues, but we truly do believe that these regulations are important and, if you work with us, don't have to be expensive or a hassle at all.

The LAFD Regulation #4 sets standards for the annual (sometimes more frequently, sometimes less) testing of sprinklers, fire alarm systems, and other fire safety mechanisms. The fire department believes that it is any property owner's responsibility to protect the general public while on their property. This all fits under the LAFD's banner of preparation when it comes to preventing fires. Fire Protection Group, Inc. is fully proficient in providing LAFD Reg #4 tests because we too want the general public to feel protected from fire damage.

Plus, the team here offers efficient and cost-effective Reg #4 testing on fire sprinkler systems and more. The staff of Fire Protection Group, Inc. has over 200 years of experience working in the field, which means that we've effectively seen it all. We are qualified to perform the LAFD Reg #4 test and have access to the knowledge and materials to perform, any necessary repairs and maintenance to get your systems up to par to protect your customers and residents. Don't think of LAFD Reg #4 as a burden; think of it as your proud duty as a business owner!