Who Knows Fire Protection?

It’s hard to know why people pick the careers they do. Some people enjoy the challenge of being creative. Some people enjoy the challenge of engineering. And some people love the challenge of fighting the dangers of fires. George Saadian, a leader at Fire Protection Group Inc. is a member of this last group. He’s dedicated a career spanning three decades to helping companies and individuals install and maintain the best possible fire prevention systems. When it comes to anything from standpipes to fire alarms, George Saadian Is the man with the plan. In fact, he’s written a book on fire safety, for which he was noted by the community.

Mr. Saadian knows about all aspects of fire prevention, not just the damage and suffering they can cause. He knows that small businesses need to deal with NFPA25 testing and prove compliance with a range of associated rules and regulations. While these issues may seem minor to some, they doubtlessly cause headaches for businesspeople who don’t have experience with fire system installation and regulation.

Mr. Saadian also knows that a big part of running a successful fire prevention service is hiring the right team. That’s why he’s brought on board experts like retired LAFD Chief Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway, who have an immense range of experience, and years spent working for the Los Angeles Fire Department. Ultimately, when it comes to anything from fire sprinkler systems to escape ladders to fire pumps, George Saadian stands out as a leader in his field. He’s made it his mission to deliver the best possible fire prevention system, detailed to clients’ needs, in an efficient and affordable way.