Where Will the Fire Be?

In countless old movies, whenever a peevish policeman stopped a speeding motorist, he would invariably grouse, "Where's the fire?" Well, for those of us in the field of fire protection, the better question is: "Where will the fire be…and how can I stop before it starts?" Whether we're engaging in preventive alarm and fire sprinkler inspection or providing complete consulting services, Fire Protection Group, Inc. is devoted to stopping fires before they start and minimizing any potential damage if a fire should start despite our best efforts.

The fact of the matter is that managers and owners of business and residential buildings need to be proactive when it comes to fire prevention. Fiscally, ethically, and legally, it is imperative that you do everything necessary to protect lives and property. FPG, Inc. general manager and lead engineer George Saadian is a noted author on the subject of fire protection who has also helped to revise many of the fire codes currently in effect through the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). Whether deciding on which of the many available fire sprinkler systems is best for your property, or determining if fire escapes or emergency generators are needed, he and his colleagues are some of the most experienced fire protection professionals working in any office.

While nobody owns a working crystal ball, deciding which and what kind of fire alarm systems you should buy, for example, is largely a matter of determining the most likely dangers for your very particular building. In terms of both general compliance with relevant regulations and the security of your property and the people on it, there is no better fire protection choice than FPG, Inc.