Where Safety and Compliance is Top Priority

If you own or manage a business or residential property, then you have to be concerned with fire safety – for more than one excellent reason. Whether you need to ensure that your business is fully equipped with the latest and best alarm and fire sprinkler systems, or you need to ensure that you have a full inspection regimen in place to make sure you are in compliance with all the relevant fire codes and ordinances, Fire Protection Group, Inc. provides full-service "one-stop shopping" on all matters relating to fire prevention and safety.

Few companies in our field are as well situated to provide services ranging from fire sprinkler inspection, to consulting on all aspects of a business or residential fire safety program. Our leadership is comprised of some of the respected names in Southern California fire services. General Manager and Lead Engineer George Saadian is one of the most respected names in fire prevention and safety. Together with FPG, Inc.'s Chief Consultant, retired Los Angeles Fire Department Chief Al Hernandez, he has actually helped to revise many of the local and national fire codes; few professionals understand what companies need to do to be fully compliant and as safe as possible. Retired LAFD Captain Bob Holloway was formerly in charge of construction services for the fire department and is also one of the most respected authorities in the field.

The fact of the matter is that there is more than simply installing working fire alarm systems or sprinklers to fire safety. If you want to maximize your investment in your financial and physical security as well as your legal compliance, you need to work with the best; that's Fire Protection Group, Inc.