When a Fire Watch is Needed

Today’s anti-fire sprinklers are more effective and well-made than they’ve ever been. Even so, from time to time it’s necessary to take systems off line so they can be repaired. Fire Protection Group, Inc. is here to say that fire watch is one of many important services offered by the Los Angeles area’s most respected consultants on fire safety and prevention.

Essentially, fire watch involves having a team of professional firefighters standing by for a period of as long as the regular fire-safety systems are not working. If the repair is going to take more than a single day’s work to complete, Fire Protection Group, Inc.’s team will be able to stand by on a 24-hour a day basis until the project is completed and the fire systems are back on line.

It’s all just one aspect of the many tasks that can be handled by the expert team at Fire Protection Group, Inc. Our team is led by renowned fire safety expert and author George Saadian in partnership with two highly respected former members of the Los Angeles Fire Department: retired LAFD chief Al Hernandez and Chief Bob Holloway. With this kind of expert assistance on board, you can depend on the best in expert assistance with all aspects of your building’s fire safety situation.

To find out more about what Fire Protection Group, Inc. can do in the way of providing you such protective measures as sprinkler systems, alarms, standpipes, NFPA 25 testing, and much more, phone call us or contact us by e-mail.