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What is a Standpipe

Fire safety savvy clients might be surprised how often staff members at Fire Protection Group, Inc., are asked the question, “what is a standpipe?” However, the term is often completely unknown to the proverbial man or woman on the street. The answer, for those who don’t know, is that standpipes are the built-in pipes which, when connected to a fire hose, deliver water to buildings in the event of a fire. The Fire Protection Group, Inc. offers both Class I and Class II wet and dry standpipes that are the industry standard for fire suppression. (“Dry” standpipes deliver water after being connected to a fire hose; “wet” standpipes are hooked up to your building’s plumbing system.)

Of course, if you are even asking the question “what is a standpipe?” that very likely means you are considering taking some steps to improve the fire safety situation in a residence or business -- and it may be high time to contact Fire Protection Group, Inc. While the impetus for taking these steps is often driven by the need to comply with legally mandated fire codes, it’s also true that our customers wish to be as fire safe as possible.  The question on your mind might be “what is a standpipe?” but perhaps it should be “do I need a fire standpipe, or is some other alteration the best way to protect my home or business?”

General manager and lead engineer George Saadian of Fire Protection Group, Inc. is an acknowledged expert on fire safety and has the unique experience of bringing properties up to codes that he himself helped fashion. Whether a water standpipe as opposed to a dry standpipe is part of the best fire plan for your home or workplace, or if fire sprinkler of fire alarms might be a more practical solution in your situation, Mr. Saadian and the rest of the Fire Protection Group staff will be delighted to explore your home or office’s specific fire prevention situation.

For more information about a standpipe or any other fire prevention method, please call 888-732-4200 or submit a proposal request now.

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