Trust our Fire Alarm Systems and Other Fire Safety Methods

For building managers and property owners, there is a consistent need for fire alarm systems and other fire prevention equipment – particularly in Southern California, where fire danger is unusually high. However, outfitting your building with effective stand pipes, extinguishers, fire alarms and sprinklers is only the beginning. It's also essential to make sure these systems and equipment are always working at an optimal level. Fortunately, at every step of this process, you can count on the team at Fire Protection Group, Inc.

At FPG, Inc., competence and professionalism are assured. After all, our team is led by the incomparable George Saadian, a dedicated fire safety expert with over there decades in the field. Further still, he's surrounded himself with experts like former LAFD Chief Al Hernandez and retired Captain Bob Holloway. Together, these distinguished fire safety leaders provide fire-class fire protection service.

In Los Angeles, fire safety isn't only about protecting residents and patrons of your property, but also maintaining compliance with various LAFD municipal codes. That's why so many property owners trust FPG, Inc. for services like consulting and fire pump testing. Many members of our staff are legally authorized to perform these tests, and for those who purchase their equipment through FPG, Inc., we ever offer testing free of any extra charge.

As a Southern California property owner, you have enough to think about, so leave the fire-proofing of your private, residential or public structure to Fire Protection Group, Inc. You'll see why we've gained th respect of government officials, municipalities and inspectors alike.