Trust in George Saadian and Fire Protection Group

With over 200 years of combined fire safety experience, partnering with the dedicated employees of Fire Protection Group Inc. is your best bet for getting the best, most comprehensive fire safety systems and inspections for your building. Our head engineer, George Saadian, has extensive academic training and practical experience when it comes to the design and installation of fire safety equipment. He has even written some of the current NFPA fire code, and passes this insight on to the rest of the Fire Protection Group Inc. staff.

Yet, other members of the Fire Protection Group staff also have reputations that stand on their own. Former Assistant Los Angeles Fire Department Chief Al Hernandez and former Captain Bob Holloway both joined the Fire Protection Group team after long careers in the Fire Department working in various construction services and building fire prevention roles. Their expertise is extremely valuable to the other team members tasked with constructing and testing fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems.

In all, our team has over 200 years of combined experience, and we have outfitted over 30 million square feet of building space with proper fire safety equipment. We also do all of the necessary testing to ensure that this equipment and previously installed equipment will operate at full capacity when called upon. One very important yet often overlooked inspection is fire pump testing necessary to determine if sprinklers will have sufficient water pressure to control a blaze. With this much experience in one company, you can trust all of the services that Fire Protection Group has to offer.