Trust FPG, Inc. for and Number of Fire Safety Needs

At FPG, Inc., you’ll find a team that is dedicated to providing round-the-clock emergency services for fire sprinkler systems maintenance, parts, repairs, inspections, emergencies and other fire protection needs. However, our team – led by the distinguished George Saadian – also understands that it isn’t just our wide array of services that have allowed our facility to stand out among the competition. Just as important is the exceptional turn-key operations and in-house fabrication provided by our team.

“Turn-key operations” means that we assume total control of every project we undertake – from concept to completion and beyond. Further still, Mr. Saadian ensures that each step of the projects we perform is overseen by a qualified staff of designers, engineers, fabricators, project managers and field crews.

In order to remain effective, the fabrication facility at FPG, Inc. must have a thorough understanding of how to build resources like fire alarms, pumps, extinguishers and standpipes in such a way that ensures they are reliable when you need them most. That’s why we use a modern, state-of-the-art fabrication facility with an experienced, factory-trained staff of fabricators.

Further still, our engineering and design department is staffed with top-notch designers and engineers who use modern techniques to ensure that the highest level of fire and life safety is incorporated into every project. By using Auto-CAD, our engineers are able to contribute to the accuracy of the system’s design and aid in expediting each project. Simply put, for every from the engineering of fire prevention technology to NFPA25 testing, you can trust FPG, Inc.