If you are a building manager or developer, you may understand the basics of Los Angeles’s fire codes, but you very likely don’t know the best options for fire protection and safety systems. Let Fire Protection Group, Inc. utilize its decades of training and experience to help you keep your building and your employees safe from the threat of a fire. 

George Saadian has three decades of experience installing, inspecting and providing expert consultation on fire alarm systems and other fire safety components. He help create revisions to the safety standards for the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), making residential and commercial systems more efficient. He also chaired the AFSA (American Fire Sprinkler Association) Southern California Chapter for two terms, has authored several articles and coauthored a book on the subject of fire safety.

Mr. Saadian wants your building to have the best possible fire safety system. Together with Fire Protection Group, Inc. colleagues, retired LAFD Fire Chief Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway, Mr. Saadian has years of expertise providing outstanding fire system installation as well as fire sprinkler inspection, so you can trust that your important business documents and computer systems will be protected from damage.

The Fire Protection Group, Inc. team also emphasizes the importance of stand pipes, the barely-noticeable system of valves and pipes that run along the outside of commercial buildings, and along the inside of service areas like stairwells. The stand pipe system allows firefighters to plug their hoses directly into the building and pump water up to the top floors, ensuring that no time or water are wasted while offering better protection for your employees and business assets.

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