To Protect Your Business, Rely on the Best

The only thing more important than your livelihood is your life itself. Making sure that your building is equipped with all of the most essential fire safety systems is essential in protecting both. Thanks to George Saadian and the rest of the team at Fire Protection Group Inc., businesses can get all of their fire safety needs met by a true, full-service fire protection firm. Our staff has over 200 years of combined experience in the fire safety industry, and we have installed systems on over 30 million square feet of property.

It is not just our experience and skill that make us a go-to firm, but also the variety of services that we offer. Many companies that bill themselves as a fire safety company really only do testing, or have limited abilities when it comes to installing the systems themselves. At Fire Protection Group Inc., we are able to both design and install custom fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems. By using the most up-to-date technologies and methods, we can equip any space so it is best prepared in the event of a fire.

Testing is also a very important part of what we do. While some services like fire alarm testing can be conducted at a satisfactory level by less skilled companies, services like fire pump testing require a truly skilled firm like Fire Protection Group Inc. to ensure that they are done properly. With fire pump testing, building managers have no way of knowing if the building’s sprinkler system will have the proper water pressure needed to control the spread of a fire.