The Truth is Simple: Reg 4 Fire Sprinkler Inspection Saves Lives

We'll be honest; the team here at Fire Protection Group, Inc. knows that some building owners and managers don't look forward to their annual fire sprinkler inspection as mandated by LAFD Reg 4 testing. It can seem like a hassle to schedule your regular testing; this is why Fire Protection Group, Inc. makes the process as convenient as possible. From a free quote on any of our services to the efficiency with which we handle every one of our jobs, the Reg 4 testing services available here make it as easy as possible to get your fire sprinkler systems in line with local code.

Furthermore, people who own or manage a building and comply with LAFD regulations can also rest assured knowing that they're doing the right thing. At the end of the day, fully functioning sprinkler and fire alarm systems save lives. For instance, according to the US Fire Administration, there were over 362,100 residential building fires in 2010 with thousands of casualties, a number that most likely increases every year. A residential sprinkler system can contain these fires where they originate (sometimes even fully vanquishing them), saving lives and property damage in the process.

Fire Protection Group, Inc. has over 200 years of collective experience in the fire safety industry. We offer many perks for our regular customers, including discounts for bundled services and free testing and inspection on systems that we've installed (ask for more details). Plus, many of our employees used to work for the LAFD themselves, making us true experts in all aspects of Reg 4 testing.