The Sweet Spot Between Savings and Fire Safety

When it comes to your safety and wellbeing, security is really something you can’t budget. Fire protection is no exception, and you should never cut corners to save money. NFPA25 testing is one way officials attempt to ensure Los Angeles residents are within an acceptable level of fire risk, and at Fire Protection Group, we know the fire codes better than most because we helped create them. Former chief of the LAFD, Al Hernandez, has dedicated his life toward continuing to provide fire safety; this time by trying to fight fires before they ever start.

Our extensive knowledge of fire codes will help you easily pass inspection, but it will also help you save money because we’ll know exactly what you’ll need, and what you don’t. Other contractors will try to sell you as many pieces of equipment as they can to drive up you price, but we can carefully navigate the codes and your structure to best determine what’s necessary for your building. We know that a small home doesn’t need complex fire sprinkler systems, but we also understand that a high rise would benefit from a Standpipes on the upper floors.

We’ll work with you to determine the ideal system that’s best suited to your own individual needs. We provide the highest quality fire control systems, but do so at a price you can afford. We keep you safe without breaking your budget. With Fire Protection Group you’ll get exactly what you need and nothing you don’t.