The Stakes Could not be Higher

Most people understand instinctively that the danger posed by a fire is enormous; paradoxically, however, many managers of business and residential complexes tend to imagine that the actual chances of a fire striking their property are extremely remote. Sadly, that isn't the case. Fire Protection Group, Inc. is here to remind you that the need for such safety features as sprinkler and fire alarm systems is ever present and the potential threat is existential – to individuals, to property, and to businesses.

Of course, aside from the ethical and fiscal obligation to protect lives and property, there is also the need to comply with all the relevant codes and regulations pertaining to fire protection and safety. Very often, such measures as fire sprinkler inspection regimes are not just an excellent idea to protect a building against a destructive and potentially deadly blaze, they are a legal requirement. Fire Protection Group, Inc. is also here to ensure full compliance in the most cost effective way possible.

FPG, Inc. general manager and lead engineer George Saadian is a respected fire protection authority who has been involved in the protection of countless properties during his decades in the field. That's not all; he actually helped to revise many of the regulations currently in place in the codes of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). That means that Mr. Saadian is actually able to help owners and managers of facilities comply with standards he himself has worked on.

From helping you to install the most effective and cost-efficient fire sprinkler systems, to providing access to products, installation, and inspection services, FPG, Inc. is here to help you take control of your entire fire protection program. The stakes really could not be any higher.