The Salvation is in the Details

You may have heard the expression, "the devil is in the details." While it's true a mishandled detail can lead to serious issues, it's also true handling details in a thoughtful and intelligent manner can prevent a disaster. When handled by the hugely experienced team at Fire Protection Group, Inc., a fire sprinkler inspection, for example, will be handled in the kind of extra-thorough manner necessary to ensure that – when the time comes – the sprinklers work exactly as they need to.

FPG, Inc. lead engineer and general manager George Saadian is one of the most expert people there is when it comes to the often devilish details of fire protection. He understands that owners and managers of residential and business properties need to protect lives and property against a fire, but they also must keep a careful eye on the bottom line; fire alarm systems and other fire protection necessities need to fit within an organization or individual's budget to be feasible. He also understands that code compliance is a must, and the fact that he has personally helped to revise many of the codes and regulations of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) underlines how effective he can be in ensuring that properties are fully compliant.

With a team that includes two hugely respected retired members of the Los Angeles Fire Department, FPG, Inc. understands the details of fire sprinkler systems, alarms, and all other aspects of fire protection and safety in a way that few companies can even begin to match. Let these recognized authorities help you to ensure that your property is protected in every way in the most efficient way possible.