The Nuances of Fire Protection

Lots of people know about the generalities of fire prevention. They know that a sprinkler system is probably a good idea, and maybe have even considered a fire alarm system. But it’s likely that unless you are or know a professional who works in the industry, you won’t know about the (often times) critical details of protecting your building from fires and inspections. Luckily, the team at the Fire Protection Group Inc. knows about everything from standpipes to NFPA regulations. In fact, the Fire Protection Group Inc. was founded by George Saadian, a man who has dedicated his career to fire protection, which includes: three decades of experience, a book, and the contribution of ideas to the NFPA.

Savvy building owners and managers know that details are important. And they know that hiring qualified professionals to deal with details they don’t understand is a winning strategy. That’s why when it comes to something like NFPA25 testing owners and managers should give serious consideration to the Fire Protection Group Inc. Not only is the Fire Protection Group Inc. led by an incredibly experienced individual, it also has members who personally served in the LAFD. These members include Al Hernandez and Captain Bob Holloway, both share decades of experience.

The nuances of fire protection go beyond standpipes and NFPA regulations though. In fact, there are numerous options to consider when it comes to fire sprinkler systems. Owners and managers who want smart advice from people with discerning taste would benefit from going with a company like the Fire Protection Group Inc.