The Costs of Fire Damage

It’s difficult to overstate the negative impacts of serious fire damage. When fires occur, they’re unexpected. They burn precious furniture. They destroy computers and hard drives full of gigabytes or even terabytes of information. They injure loved ones and co-workers, and sometimes, even worse. Fortunately, fire safety systems can help to prevent fires, and can be properly and safely installed by a professional team like that at Fire Protection Group Inc.

The professionals at Fire Protection Group Inc. understand all of the nuances of fire prevention and regulation so business and homeowners don’t have to. That helps to ease worries when it comes to analyzing the value of things like standpipes and fire sprinkler systems. The team at Fire Protection Group Inc. has over 200 years of combined experience, and knows which system is most suitable for a specific home or office. The fire prevention system is tailored to a client’s needs, and stands up to NFPA25 testing which is a crucial component of fire regulation.

In fact, Captain Bob Holloway, a retired member of the Los Angeles Fire Department, knows about all the details and minutiae of city fire regulations. Like all members of the FPG Inc. team, he’s an expert when it comes to everything from fire sprinkler systems to fire alarm systems to fire escape ladders. With our experience, as well as cutting-edge engineering facilities and other top-tier professionals, it’s hard for a consumer to find a better option than Fire Protection Group Inc. for fire safety.