Tap Fire Protection Group, Inc. to Limit Your Liability

Every property owner or manager wants the safest, best-performing facility possible. The confident property administrator recognizes that his or her facility not only is insured, but at the best possible rates. They know this because they have pursued key elements such as up-to-code fire alarm systems, strategic fire extinguisher placement or even a Stand Pipe system that impress insurance underwriters and also safeguard everyone who visits your building. Fire Protection Group, Inc. helps property managers protect their valuable property asset along with the bottom line.

Ensuring visitor and worker safety inside your building is the most important consideration, certainly. But do not underestimate the value added to a property from a standout fire security plan including inspections. Just installing fire sprinklers in locations you deem the most logical does not always suffice. Modern fire protection products and services have evolved greatly in just the past 30 years and at the very least it is advisable to seek oversight by professionals like the experts at Fire Protection Group, Inc.

Property administrators know the significance of abiding by all regulations, whether the federal National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, state codes as established by Title 19 of the California Office of the State Fire Marshall, or down to the Los Angeles Fire Department's Chief's Regulation #4. Not everyone can be expected to remain well-versed in these ever-changing government fire regulations; but for Fire Protection Group, Inc. it is a priority.

Ensure your property is insured properly but also take advantage of consultation with Fire Protection Group, Inc. to keep insurance premiums as low as possible. Staffed by experts in the field, including a retired chief and captain for the Los Angeles Fire Department, we provide top-level fire protection consultation and application, as well as products including sprinklers, hydrants and fire pumps for sale.